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Agility Logistics Pvt Ltd Contact, Email & Office Address

Moving across the nation is one daunting task but it’s a task that Agility logistics takes quite seriously.  Agility Logistics is a well-recognized names in professional logistics providing commercial and business related logistics with an unrivaled personal touch. The Company is one of the best logistics in the market because of the range of travel and distribution technology they use right from Liquid, fuel or Chemical logistics to storage and warehousing for all your needs irrespective of the time of year.


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Aavin Milk Office, Contact Number and Email Address

Aavin Milk is the popular milk supplier of South India and has captured the major part with its good quality milk products. It’s is also associated with the Tamil Co-operative Milk producer federation Ltd.  This co-operation is known as a public sector that is known to offer its service to Dairy and agricultural products.  This organization makes a huge turnover of 1000-2500 Crores and has the human power of near about 5001 & more.


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Intel Motherboard Toll Free Number

Intel is the largest company in Processor and Mother Board manufacturing.  The also have great presence in India. If you have any queries related to the Intel Processor or Mother products then you can contact our Intel India toll free numbers. We will give you related information about the technical support, warranty, product support, and driver downloads.


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Astha Foundation

Astha Foundation Wiki, Contact Number, Address & Email ID

Astha Foundation is one of the worthiest names in the list of the organization that are working for human welfare. You would come across this name in different sectors such as in media as Astha Channel, Astha hospitals as well as few of the instituted are even headed by this foundation. This foundation works on the funds that are executed by majority of famous people.



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Sardar Bhagwan Singh Post Graduation Institution

Sardar Bhagwan Singh P.G Institution Contact No. & Address

Sardar bhagwan singh post-graduation institution of Biomedical Sciences & Research is one of the most recognised and leading institution in its field within country. The institution has the best infra-structure and latest hi-tech equipment for educating the students in the field of varied sciences like pharmacy, microbiology and many more.Education is the main aim though but the students overall development is also taken care of. Innumerable national and international events are organised to educate and inspire the students.

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Azad Institute of Engineering and Technology

Azad institute is well known engineering and technology institution established by Azad educational institution. The institution is situated in Lucknow and has around five important courses running. The institution as updated and well equipped labs and classes. In short duration the institution has won great name because of its excellent academic response. Special comfortable hostel facility for boys and girls is also availableand fully equipped gymnasium is also available within the campus.

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Allana Institute of Management Studies Contact Address

Allana institute of management studies is recognised and well affiliated institution of Pune.The Allana institute is very well aware about the demands in the field of management, so all the students are trained well as per the updates in courses. Innumerable seminars and all kinds of events are organised for overall development of the students.This institution has been contributing in education stream since in 1998 and has the best of facility and best environment for students overall development as an individual.The institution caters to prepare the students for all kinds of fields in management like HR, management, finance and many more.

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Jaipuria Institute Of Management

Excellence in business Management is what the Jaipuria educational institution has strived for across the past sixty years, the Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies is an institution catering to the needs of business management and they have been expanding exponentially in the past decade. With the principal institution starting in 1945 they are one of the oldest educational establishments in the country and they established their first management college in Lucknow in 1995.

Jaipuria Institute of Management

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Aaj Tak News Channel Contact Address, Phone Number & Email ID

Information about Aajtak(news channel)

Minute to minute update is important in today’s times. Ajjtak is one news channel of India that has successfully been providing the news in HINDI languagefor more than a decade.Ajjtak won the most trusted news channel awards for its dedicated services. It does stand for its literal meaning by giving the latest news around the world and of the world, every day every minute. It’s a matter of pride for the team of the ajjtak, who are now a paid channel around the world.ButINDIA still receives free to air access to this channel which is owned by TV TODAY NETWORK.

Aaj Tak

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Milagrow RobotShop – Customer Care, Email & Contact Number

Milagrow is the top notched robotics company established in India, sometime back in the year 2011. This is a domestic company that is showing a considerable hike in the production of Tablets PC. This is the brand company that offers its customer wide range of technologically advanced products that promises to provide fastest access to different technologies. This brand even assures to offer its service at a very reasonable rate. The first tab produced by this company was TAbtop 8.4 that is known to be the portal tablet introduced in the electronic Indian market.


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