Andy Hillstrand Net Worth in 2016, Biography, Wife

Remember the Deadliest Catch? Yes, Andy Hillstrand net worth reaches to $1.5 million. He is currently married to Sabrina, find his biography to family details. With about 25 years of experience in the sea, Andy Hillstrand is the esteemed angler whose popularity largely stems from his role as the Alaskan crab fisherman and co-captain of the fishing vessel, ‘Time Bandit’ in the “Deadliest Catch,” which is Discovery Channel’s very popular reality series documentary. Born in 1968 in Homer, Alaska, USA, fishing was something he was born with and grew up with, representing the third generation in fishing for his family.

Andy Hillstrand

NameAndy Hillstrand
Net Worth$1.5 million
Date of BirthSeptember 25, 1968
Birth PlaceN/A
Source of wealthTV Personality

With an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars, Andy along with his brother, Jonathan joined the show in its second season. His brother is his co-captain in the show. Several other members of his family are also on the show like his brother’s sons. He is one of the five brothers. He recalls of his father exposing and teaching him of different types of boats in his teenage years- right from 90-foot crab boat to a 38-foot gillnetter. While he has remained in the shadow of his brother in the show, he is getting more limelight with his brother’s health becoming a matter of speculation. His major wealth accumulation has been through this show only.

Apart from an angler, Andy has other dimensions too which make him a very fascinating personality. His claim of being the most reasonable of the Hillstrand clan might hold water. A talkative person by nature, he also helms his family business but is sensitive enough to include his brothers and heed them in any decision-making process. While he loves risk professionally and can easily work productively under long stressful conditions for hours, he is the exact opposite in his personal life.

A complete family man, he is happily married to his wife, Sabrina for over 25 years and has two wonderful daughters, Cass Andra and Chelsey. During the offseason, he resides now in Indiana where he runs a 17-acre horse ranch, the Hobby Horse Ares LLC. Here he pursues his passion of training quarter horses. He also teaches western riding style. Apart from this, his sweet and calm persona surfaces with his playing guitar in his free time. His loves two pet dogs and even enjoys playing video games. He is a passionate collector of remote-controlled aircrafts.

Apart from the gift of the gab, he showed his writing skills by authoring the book, ‘Time Bandit’ along with his brother, Jonathan. Named after their boat; the book is all about tips and tricks to be a good captain. Still, sky-high success still awaits him.