Bajaj Air Cooler Customer Service Number

Bajaj is a seven decade old trusted company. Bajaj Air coolers are one of the best coolers in this segment. It is a trusted brand which has launched many successful products in the past like Fans and two wheelers among others. Air cooler is one segment in market where there is very stiff competition as many brands are trying to grab customer’s eyeballs.


Bajaj Air Coolers

The bajaj cooler gives you a perfect feeling in summer when it’s too hot outside and you cannot just have fan for air. The very first  thing that you need to consider when you are buying a cooler is the cooling efficiency, so it’s an air cooler and it just cools the room pretty well. The cooler is very light weight. However, it will be heavy when the water in the storage is full but Bajaj Air coolers have wheels and it helps to move around very easily. It’s basically for those who have an average income and they cannot afford the cost of air conditioner and the bills.

Bajaj has given us many successful products which are legendary such as Bajaj scooters. Who can forget the famous line:-“Hamara Bajaj”. Bajaj has instilled the great amount of trust in our hearts all these years.

Email: [email protected]

Bajaj has vast majority of branches all over India and has large number of employees. All the employees of Bajaj are well trained and are well-versed to handle any customer issues.

Customer care: 022-41-28-0000

Bajaj employs great deal of quality control on its products. There are very slim chance that customer will encounter any sort of problems in Bajaj products.

Contact Number: 022-22-04-3780 / 33


Office At: 51,
Place: Mahatma Gandhi Road Fort
City: Mumbai
Pin Code: 400023
State: Maharashtra

For more information regarding Bajaj products, one can visit the following website:-

Website –

For customer care services, following helpline is provided:-

CityContact number
BANGALORE080-2223-5486 / 8984 /75505
KOLKATA033-2237-9270 / 7657, / 16638
PUNE020-2630-2000 / 9 / 10