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Brock Lesner is well as name in the world of wrestling as a youngest person to winner the title of WWE champion thrice in his career. He made his entry as an amateur wrestler in the University of Minnesota and later signed a contract with WWE and took the charge of promotion of Ohio Valley wrestling. During his reign, succeed to win the thrice the title of OVW southern Tag Team Championship. Soon, he was declared as the winner of WWE championship thrice and got declared as the youngest WWE champion at the age 25 years.

Brock Lesner

Side by side, he was even declared twice the youngest winner of Royal Rumble. He then decided to NFL (National Football league) and quit WWE. And, was a part of NFL for near about 1 year and made a return back in wrestling world with the contract of New Japan Pro Wresting and was declared as the winner of IWGP Heavyweight Championship in his first match. But, soon due to the dispute in contract, he joined Inoki Genome Fedaration (IGF). Later, he decided to opt a career in MMA and joined UFC leaving behind his wrestling career. Gradually, he turned to be a box office sensation with his participation in 5 highest Pay per view matches and got counted as winner in 3 of the matches. In the year 2010, he raised as highest paid athletes amongst 30 well known sports.

Brock Lesnar Fan Mail Address

The man of multiple records is known to be born in Webster of South Dakota located in United States. But, currently he is dwelling in the house located at Regina of Saskatchewan of Canada.

Brock Lesnar
House – WWE, Inc.
Located at – 1241 East Main Street Stamford,
City  – CT
Zip Code – 06902
Country – USA

Contact Number – 203-352-8600

This is the house picture of Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar House


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College Time Photo

Brock Lesnar Childhood

This photo of Brock Lesnar was taken during his college time when he was engaged in body building.