How to check Costco Order Status Online ?

Have you placed an order with Costco?  As a first-time buyer, you are not able to keep your eagerness under control as the phones and wireless products from this company are only the best in the world. Like its world-class products, the after-sales services offered by the company are also second-to-none.  You could do multiple searches and get the exact status of your booked product. The tracking facility is online that gives instant access to your order with the Company. If you have cancelled an already purchased product, you could also access about the status of the pending payment from the company.

Costco tracking solution

How do you know Costco order status?    

There go the options for tracking your order with Costco. These steps are literally hassle-free, which could help you to find exact position of your booked order.

  • Contact customer-service by phone – You could call 1(888) 369-5931-the toll-free number for contacting customer-care. You could ask the customer service representatives for the exact status of your order.
  • Contact customer-service by E-mail– As an alternative, you could also dash a mail to [email protected] and the service representatives would get back to you with an affirmative mail regarding the status of your order.
  • Log into your registered account – You could also log in to your registered account in its website and get the details of your placed order.
  • Check the status of your returned/cancelled/defective goods –  You could also check the status of your returned, cancelled, or defective products with the help of above steps.