Kwality Dairy India Ltd Contact Number

Kwality Dairy India Limited is one of the many Dairy giants in India. They specialize in dairy products such as milk, toned milk, tetra packed milk, curd, flavored curd, ice creams, sweets and many more such products. Their products are great in quality and this makes them number one favorite of the Indian public.

Kwality Dairy Limited in India

Kwality Dairy India Limited is a very good dairy product manufacturing company. It has large units set up all over the country. In these units the working staff of Kwality Dairy India Limited first collects the best quality milk from the high end milk producing cows. Then they process this milk through various steps of a processing machine which has been designed solely with the purpose of making milk more tasty, nutritious and stable for future usage. Afterwards they use this milk to make other dairy products such as cheese, paneer, tetra packed milk, curd, flavored curd, ice creams, sweets and other similar dairy products.

Kwality Dairy India Limited is the market leader when it comes to dairy products. It employs one of the best staffs in the industry. Kwality Dairy India Limited uses the latest and the most efficient machinery and technology to make sure that nothing goes to waste and quality keeps on increasing. Such dedication makes it on the top of the list of consumer’s favorite brands.

You will not find any problem with their services. However, if any problem arises then you can call their customer care or mail them.

Contact Number: 011-4700-6500

Email: [email protected]

And if it doesn’t works then you can visit their corporate office.

Office At: Kwality House
Building: F-82, Shivaji Place,
Place: Rajouri Garden
City: New Delhi
Pin Code: 110027