Sebastian Janikowski Salary, Net Worth from NFL and Wife

Polish footballer Sebastian Janikowski updated net worth and his contract salary has been figured it out. Current team is Oakland Raiders and his wife name is Lori Janikowski. Sebastian Janikowski is a professional football player who is now 38 years old and was born in Walbrzych, Poland. This March born talented player was born an only child to his Polish-American parents. His father Henryk Janikwoski was by profession a soccer player and the family shifted base to the United States. Later while in States his father filed a divorce and Janikwoski stayed with his mother. During these tough times, he played and practiced vigorously in soccer and bagged a place in Poland team under 17-category at the age of 15 years.

Sebastian Janikowski

Net Worth – $33 Million

NameSebastian Janikowski
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1978
Birth PlaceWałbrzych, Poland
ParentsHalina Janikowski and Henryk Janikowski
EducationFlorida State University
Net Worth$33 Million
Source of wealthFootball
Height1.88 m
Weight109 kg
Wife NameLori Janikowski

While living with his father and stepmother in Florida, he took up English classes and played for Orangewood Christian soccer team for a very short period of time. He later joined the Orlando Lions and was coached by Rossi and moved to Daytona Beach area with his coach’s family. He practiced both soccer and football in his school Seabreeze High School and played for its team as a placekicker. His performances were note worthy and he earned a name for himself easily. He decided to join the football programme of Florida State University and played for its team. He started professionally playing from 2000 onward when he was signed by Oakland Raiders of the National Football Team. Contract extensions were made thrice with a heavy amount of $10.5 million, $16 million and $19 million respectively. For his powerful kicks and immense energy, Janikwoski was nick named The Polish Powder Keg meaning the Polish Cannon. Along with the fame of being the most powerful kicker, he is also considered to be a player with extremely high accuracy of goals.

Along with good fame, Janikwoski was also charged of battery and misconduct in pubs and nightclubs. He faced a heavy fine and a five year sentence for probably bribing a policeman for his friend’s misdeeds, although he totally denied the fact.