5 Basic difference between Windows AC and Split AC

If, you are in the market to purchase an air condition then, the foremost question that strikes your mind is “Which is best Split Ac or Window Ac?” The other question that we could easily here is in relation to bijli bachao. Therefore, you need to know that Air condition is a perfect home appliance that relaxes you from the stress caused due to the hustle bustle lifestyle. This is even the appliance that can easily blow always the electricity. Therefore, it is uttermost important to take care of this question at the time of purchase. With the help of this article, we would help you to known few of the facts in relation to Split Ac and Window Ac. An air conditioner mainly comprises of 3 major components that is condenser, evaporator and compressor.

Window and split ac

Split AC

According to the name of the AC, you would have got an idea that basically one unit is divided into two parts that is one unit is used for cooling effect and other spell the hotness outside. But before we go ahead, let me tell you that I have been using 2 Voltas Split AC from last 2 years and it works like charm. We also have 1 lloyd ac (all weather) but performance is not that much as we thought of. Manufacturers mainly focus that Ac needs to be more powerful if the cooling unit is separate. Since the compressing unit is outside therefore there is no sound caused within the room. Split Ac is considered to be a better choice in compare to Window Ac. This AC provides you a fruitful result even when their no window in the room. Howsoever, it is considered to be bit difficult to be place in the room that is located in between of the large building as compressor cannot be connected easily.

Window AC:

The most commonly used AC in houses and offices are the window AC which measure near about cubical unit. This is complete conditioning equipment in itself as it requires an open place where it can be installed in such a manner that its face lies inside the room and back side lies outside the building. Since all the part lies in one unit, so you could hear a bit noise. But since it is very easy to install so it is important that you place this in a correct position. Since its compressor and evaporator are located in the same unit so its cooling effect is bit limited and therefore it suit small places requirement.

                                         DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SPLIT AC AND WINDOW AC
DesignIn this type of AC there is indoor and outdoor unitWhereas, in window AC all the component lies in a single unit
SpaceLess spaceOccupies more space
InstallationBit complex than window ACEasier in installation
Cost Price & installation costSplit AC is expensive in compare to window AC. Moreover, installation fee is even more as two different unit need to be installed along with the addition costing of copper tubing and mounting tubing. Moreover, it even requires refilling of gas that needs extra expenditure.Window Ac is quite cost effective in compare to Split AC. Moreover, it require single unit installation and do not require refilling of gases.
Multiple UnitMultiple cooling units present in Split ACs as it has single outdoor unit and can even cater multiple units.Window AC is known to have only single compact structure. Therefore, limited cooling effect.
Electricity consumptionSplit AC consumes extra electricity.Bit less. But this is a negligible change that should not affect your decisions, while purchase.
Noise LevelSplit AC is noise less as the compressor is located in the outdoor unitMakes bit of noise as compressor is place within the compact structure
ServiceBit complicatedEasier in service
CapacityLimited capacity is 2.0 TonsNo limitation in capacity
Usage preferenceGradually, the choice is changing due to better option and exclusive design.Inclined more toward window AC as it is affordable