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Owned by Network 18 Group, is the pioneer in e-commerce shopping in India. With a humble beginning in the year 2008, it has come a long way in establishing itself as a front-ranking e-commerce website in India.  It is the e-commerce site that also hosts television shows of attractive products’ presentations of several catchy products. As its present website has the 5th ranking as a site with highest traffic by Comscore, literally it has become the choicest ecommerce site for millions in India and abroad. The visitors to web prefer it as their first choice in search to other sites, when they look for the latest in the range of new arrivals in products.

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Up-to-date with the latest in trends –  Be it fashion or apparel, electronics, clothing jewellery, home and kitchen equipments, footwear, beauty products, accessories, and appliances, Homeshop18 gives no place to the ones in the products, which are simply out-of-trend in the market. The selection of only the latest from fashion assures the buyers that they are buying only the trendiest from the portal.

Exclusive availability –  It is incredible that has the availability of products that buyers would simply find nowhere.  You could buy from the television presentations of products after understanding the pros and cons of every product.

Trusted with greater commitment to quality –  As it has always stayed committed to quality, this has given it best reputation in the market. As every product has the support of unique customer-care service, the buyers enjoy hassle-free buying and later replacement in case of any defect in the product.

Cash on delivery and easy payment options –  As a website, it offers host of payment options including cash-on-delivery service. With flexible payment making options buyers enjoy shopping that literally rests at their finger tips.

Shipping at no cost –  As a buyer, you get the products delivered simply at your doorstep. Homeshop18 does not charge anything extra for the delivering at your places. This saves a lot that you incur in making a buy from the local stores.

More than 3000 locations for deliveries –  If you cast a look at the location map for deliveries, you find more than 3000 locations in India and abroad, where you could opt to get the deliveries at your doorsteps.

Shop through apps – has its own mobile apps that you could install in your cell-phone and browse easily to make purchases to get deliveries at your doorsteps. This gives cent percent easy shopping through mobile apps.

Home Shop 18 Customer Care –    You could go to the customer support page and approach the service representatives for any support.

Email ID – [email protected]

You can find rest customer care of homeshop18 here in detail.

Track Home Shop 18 order by SMS –   They have given online facility to check the status of order placed. Simply SMS hs18status order number to 51818 and you would get the latest status of your pending consignments.

As an alternative, you could log on to your registered account and track the status of your consignment from your account.

If you have the order ID, you could check the below Home Shop 18 tracking tool below.   You could track your order with the help of your order ID.

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