How to Track your Dell Order Status in India

Have you ordered the best in the range of Laptops from Dell? As you count the days for its arrival, you need every bit of information about the order status. As the days pass on, you eagerly want to know at what stage, your order is lying. Here, you would feel delighted to know that you could trace its status, when you have either ordered one laptop or cancelled it. This keeps you in the know of the things about the exact status of the order. As this is equally true that an order passes through various stages till it gets delivered in its destination.


How to know Dell order status?

The simplest way to track the order status of your Dell laptop to use below given tool.

The searches could get done on the following basis;

  1. You could track by the order number.
  2. The online order tracking page could give you the current stage through which the order is passing.

It also enables you to make a search both online as well as offline. You can either submit there Order Number or Search by PO number to know the exact location of your order.

Once you submit the necessary details it will provide detailed information of the order status. As you press the ‘submit’ button on the search page, you get the relevant data about the following things;

  • All the customer-related information
  • Approximate date of delivery
  • Type of carrier or courier information
  • Date of shipping
  • Details of packing and invoice details

In case, you do not feel satisfied with the above information, you could further contact the service experts.

Toll Free Number

You can also track the order status by calling to the Dell toll free number that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – 1800 425 2067