Fortis Hospital Contact Number, Email and Address

Fortis Hospital is one of the best hospitals India has ever seen. It is not just a hospital but a home for sick and diseased. It is a place of refuge for such people. Here they are not treated by the doctors merely as their patients but as their kith, kin and brethren. This makes their patients feel special in ways that their competitors can’t. But this is not only a showoff.

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They pay special attention to the treatment and after care of patients because they know that a happy patient recuperates faster and becomes healthy earlier than a sad or frustrated patient. This shows that Fortis Hospital places the interests of their patients above their own needs.

Fortis Hospital is the dream hospital for every patient in India. People from length and breadth of India come to Fortis Hospital to get their ailments and diseases diagnosed and to get proper medical health facilities. People from foreign countries visit India specially to get specialized medical operations done by the doctors at the Fortis Hospital. People of India have great faith in Fortis Hospital. From the time when the hospital started taking in patients and maintaining regular Out Patient Days the number of patients has only increased with an exponential rate and has never dwindled for even a short period of time.

Contact Number:  012-4492-1021 / 71 / 33

All these facts point out to the obvious that if you engage with Fortis Hospital then you will receive excellent services.

Email: [email protected]

But in case you don’t then you can have a word with their customer care representatives by calling them, mailing them or visiting their corporate office.

Office At: Fortis Healthcare Ltd.
Building: Tower A, Unitech Business Park, Block – F
Place: South City 1, Sector – 41,
City: Gurgaon
Pin Code: 1220013
State: Haryana