GoJavas Courier Tracking Online

Gojavas had a humble beginning in the year 2013. Right at the time of its inception, it had the vision to provide dependable and timely logistics through excellent supply chain management.  With commitment towards customer focus, it has designed excellent packages that could fit the exact needs of its clients. With its vast network and sophisticated technological tools, it has become one of the fastest growing companies in India. With its exceptional aim to bring a million smiles through its service, it has succeeded in making a large clientele its true partner in logistics.

Online tracking solution from Gojavas courier

With almost half a century of experience in exceptional traditional logistics management, it has graduated towards other advanced areas in e-commerce, new-age logistics management, and advanced logistics management.

Gojavas Courier Services and Products

Vast warehousing –  With more than 50,000 square feet of space for warehousing, it makes excellent storage of cargoes passing in transit. It has implemented advanced inventory management that takes care of storage of goods scientifically and never allows any damage to the goods. Such storage capacity is popular as “GOFill”.

Cash-on-delivery –  As cash-on-delivery has become one of the most popular practices trending in purchases in the e-commerce sites, Gojavas has undertaken the task of collecting payments from the doorsteps of the buyers and sending them to the e-commerce vendors. Gojavas calls it “Go48”.

“Try and buy” concept –  It has trained executives, who undertake the novel task of demonstrating novel life-style products and sell those to the buyers if they are satisfied. This has helped considerably in achieving higher customer satisfaction and increased the net promoter score of the products. This popular practice is familiar as “Goopen” and it is solely the brain-child of this service provider.

Instant cash refund –   When the customer finds the quality of a product defective, Gojavas has introduced the novel concept of making instant quality checks at the door-step of the client and taking the return of it after giving him the value of the product. It has named the service as “GORupiah”.

Real time tracking – As the customers always stay conscious about the time of deliveries of products after making purchases from the e-commerce sites, Gojavas offers them real time tracking. It has introduced the novel tracking concept “GoTrack” that helps the clients in finding the right status of the product in transit on Google maps. It could also give the details of movement of shipment and particulars about the agent.

Customer Care As this courier service provider offers every possible help for online tracking, the clients can contact to the Gojavas Courier helpline number that is available here.

Gojavas Courier Tracking The customers can check the status of Gojavas Courier using online application that allow to “track your order”.  You can also check status of their booked consignments by mentioning the docket number, consignment number, shipment number, or consignment number. They could obtain the right information about the status of consignment.