Keith Colburn Net Worth – Biography, Wife 2016

The famous captain from Deadliest Catch, Keith Colburn net worth is of $1.5 million. Find his biography, wife name, children, siblings and source of income. KEITH COLBURN popularly known as Captain Keith Colburn of Redmond, Wash, is a wonderful, marvelous fisherman. He was born in Lake Tahoe and grew up there and started working in restaurants when he was just a 14 years old at a very early age. His siblings name is Monte Colburn. However, he worked in the restaurant for almost 6 years, that is until he reached the age 20. It was later in the year 1985, when he thought of trying his luck at fishing but he never expected to emerge as a fisherman of high reputation and success. He is often described to possess militaristic qualities and hard a style of leadership that make him a distinguished fisherman and a captain.

Keith Colburn

NameKeith Colburn
Net Worth$1.5 million
Date of BirthMarch 10, 1963
Birth PlacePlacerville, California, United States
Source of wealthTV Personality
WifeFlorence Colburn

Captain Keith is very meticulous about his work and tends to achieve his fishing and shipping ability to perfection. Keith is often seen to describe fishing as being the greatest and worst lifestyle in the world. It is full of adventure yet at time it appears very hackneyed and dull. Captain Keith is famous as the sole owner who has helmed ‘THE WIZARD’, in the year 2005 and bought it at a great risk. ‘THE WIZARD’ is a fleet or shipping vessel belonging to the Second World War era. He dared to buy it without giving a second thought in order to convert it in a fishing vessel, which later on became a tremendous successful initiative. ‘THE WIZARD’ is one among the largest fleets with a length of 155 feet and Keith had to struggle for quite a  long time before he got the ownership of the ship.

Keith being an adventure seeker took to this profession of fishing and also his love for sea made him a successful captain and the most coveted fisherman of the fishing folks. Keith rose to prominence and gained popularity after he took part in the reality TV series based on the real life of fisher folks fishing abroad with their vessels. The show was named ’Deadliest Catch’. Captain Keith is one of the participants of the show. The show also exhibits the risky, adventurous life of the fisher folks and how they fight back with courage. In 2002, Keith purchased another vessel or crabber, Sirene but he still continued to sail ‘THE WIZAD’.

Being a world class fisherman and TV celebrity, he has a bank balance of 1.5 million dollars. He is a commercial fisherman and almost half of his earnings come from fishing again as a TV star on the series, ‘THE DEADLIEST CATCH’, he has additional income. He has been married to Florence and has a son and daughter.