MCD complaint registration and check status

As the capital city of India, New Delhi has three municipal corporations our of which Municipal Corporation of Delhi  (MCD) is counted among the top one. For better administration and civic care, north, south, and east have three separate corporations under the supervision of three mayors. Each corporation takes care of the complaints from citizens and provides suitable steps to bring solutions for them. As the capital city has huge boundaries, the three corporations have the necessary manpower and apparatus to provide help for every type of civilian necessity. Although functioning in three different bodies, MCD has the common website, where the residents of New Delhi could log in to register their complaints and find help for their grievances. As a matter of fact, the corporations have adopted their procedures that the complainants need to follow in order to lodge their complaints.


Let’s discuss about the process that the complainants need to follow to register their complaints with Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD).

Log on to the website of MCD

First of all, you need to log on to and select the part of New Delhi, where you belong to.  As you go the web-page of your area, you find the display of options on the page and could select the option for giving “complaint”.

Regsiter complaints /grievances to MCD

When you click on the complaint or grievance, it would lead you ‘complaints/grievances”, you would get the form to fill up the details of your grievance. The grievance application form has three separate parts that you would need to fill up separately.

Let’s have glances at the three different parts of complaint making.

  1. Applicant details – In this, you need to give your personal details. The details like name, gender, address, pin code, mobile and landline telephone numbers, and e-mail ID need submission with the site.
  2. Grievance location details – As a part of structured complaint making, next comes the task of filling the details about grievance location. The complainant needs to give the description about the location or area, where the fault has taken place. In this, you would fill up details like zone, ward, colony, address, and pin code.
  3. Grievance details – Last but not the least the third part is about filling up the details of grievance. You need to select about the type of grievance, category, sub-category, subject, and finally compose the description of grievance in brief.

Click on the “Submit” button

As the task of filling three parts of grievance is over, you could click on “submit” button in the end. Your grievance form would get acceptance with a registration number.  MCD would take timely and appropriate steps to solve your grievance with the right step. Until that time, you could check the right status of the complaint lodged online.

MCD Customer Care Number

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi provided the customer care number that is given below:

Helpline Number – 011-26522700

Check MCD Complaint status online

You could use below tool to check the status of MCD complaint and mention the registration number and password (if existing) with the right “captcha” number and then click on the submit button below. You would get the right status of your complaint instantly.