Register Eureka Forbes complaints online and Status

Which Company in India is the pioneer to bring the concept of drinking pure water to millions of homes to India? Secondly, which company in India assures solutions for all complaints within next 24 hours?  The answer for both the questions is same! It is one and only most well known brand in India: Eureka Forbes. Revolutionizing the concept of healthy living since the eighties, it has almost become irreplaceable in the millions of households in India. Treating every customer as the center of its innovation, it has worked ceaselessly to revolutionize the concept of living.

Eureka Forbes Company in India

Eureka Forbes Products

Water purifiers –  Over the years, it has come up with different types of water purifiers integrated with various innovative solutions.  The range of products in water purifiers begins with Dr. Acquaguard and ends with other advanced versions with utilities like Acquaguard and Acquasure.

Vacuum cleaners –  In its range of house cleaning systems, it has excellent products to offer its customers.  You could keep your house clean with Euroclean and Forbes vacuum cleaners.

Air purifiers –  As the demand for modern amenities goes on increasing, air purifiers are the latest products in vogue. Eureka Forbes has the best range of air purifiers that could keep the air in the atmosphere of your house fresh and perfumed.

Security gadgets –  It has excellent security gadgets that could give round-the-clock protection to your house.

Fire extinguishing solutions –  Be it your office or residence, it could give you domestic and professional fire extinguishers.

Life style automation solutions –  You could keep your tip of finger on the button of the gadget  and control all the fixtures and machines in the office.

Solar lighting solutions –   The unique range of solar lighting systems could serve as the best source of alternative energy for your household.

Euroviva healthware –  The unique range of cooking solutions by Eureka Forbes could save all the nutrients in the cooked meals.  You could fry with 0% oil and boil with 0% water.  Nevertheless, the taste of the cooked meals stays as it is.

Register complaints for Eureka Forbes products online?

Yes, you could do it ! First, you need to log on to the official website and click on the ‘service request’ at the top of the web-page.  You could do the following for your needs of service as shown below:

eureka forbes online complaint registration

Book Complaint via SMS – You can also register your complaint by sending a sms on Eureka Forbes as mentioned below:

  • SMS REQ to 808-229-9333
  • Ombudsman Phone Number – 022-3044-9768

Track your complaints for service

Through the option of ‘escalate your service request’, you could track your request or complaint for service. Log on to the web-page  and email the service representatives asking them to tell you the updated status of your complaint.

Helpline Number – Alternatively, you could use service helpline number that is mentioned below to lodge your complaint for products and track the status of your complaint.

  • 3988-3333