Dwarka Milk Dairy Company Phone Number, Email & Office Address

Serving the millions of people all over India is what Dwarka Milk has been doing for decades, it is one of the purely Indian brands out there that have not been affected by the glitz and glamour of the world, they let their product speak for themselves and not let advertising take the front seat. That’s why the Dwarka industries is one of the best trusted food brands around, and their Milk and Ghee products are probably one of the best rated products in the country.

Dwarka Milk

They believe in the value of relationships built in this business rather than the main aim of profit seeking.

“ShudhAahar, ShudhVichaar” is the tag line that clearly explains the ideals of the company in simple words. Named after the holy city on the coast of Gujarat, Dwarka has catered its products related to the dairy industry for many years. Their produce is not only tasty but also the picture of a healthy living, they also promote a better lifestyle which has become the flavor of choice for millions all over the country.

Dwarka Milk Contact Number: 022-4088-5151

They have also provided countless job opportunities for citizens around through the nutritional revolution it supports, countless milk villages prosper from the will of this company and will continue for time to come.

Email Address: [email protected]

Office Address:

Office At: Dwarka Milk, BSEL Tech Park
Building: G-12 & B-110, Plot No. 39/5 & 39/5A
Place: Vashi, Navi Mumbai
City: Mumbai
Pin Code: 400705
State: Maharashtr