Gary Anderson Net Worth – Wiki, Family & Girlfriend

Professional darts player Gary Anderson has a net worth of $3 million that he earn by winning several matches. Find out his wiki, family, girlfriend and annual salary in 2017.Gary Anderson is a renowned figure from the world of Dart game. He plays the game at a professional level and has reached the height of success of it. He is now in a professional commitment with Professional Dart Cooperation and this Flying Scotsman has won many international leagues under the brand.

Gary Anderson

Net Worth – $3 Million

Full NameGary Anderson
Net Worth $3 Million
DOB22 December 1970
Height5.11 feet
Parents Gordon Anderson
Salary $100,000
SiblingStewart Anderson
GirfriendRachel Ford

He was born on 22nd December of 1970 in Musselburgh of Scotland but he raised and has spent most of the time of his lives in Eyemouth, a place at the Scottish border. This former Dart world champion is popular worldwide for his heavy scoring game and his marvellous smooth throws. These are the signature game strategy of Gary Anderson. Anderson has the record to win the PDC world Championship for consequently two years. There also the record of winning the International Darts League is in his pocket, which he has won on 2007. At the same year, he was the winner of World Dart Trophy.

He has won uncountable prize money in his career and that helped Gary Anderson to make a net worth of $3 million. This man is also has a bagful of endorsement commitments and that is also another big source of his money.

This man has started his professional career from the year 1995 and within ten years of his journey as a dart player, he has touched the height of success. He is only dart player who has defeated Phil Taylor the 16 times Dart World Champion. Anderson has special love for music and he has sung with the team of Dart players for a music video, which was for charity. He was at the # 2 rank as a Dart Champion, which is actually the most envying achievement of his career. 2015 and 2016 were the most fruitful years of Gary Anderson’s career. He was married to Rosemary at the very early days of his career and they have two sons but they parted away after a long married life and he is now in a live-in relationship with Rachel and they also have a son, who was born on 2014. He is the number one player of WDF and BDO.

However as per the most recent news, Gary is nos seen with Christina El Moussa and seems like they are dating (source).