How to check Jharkhand Land Record – Jhar Bhoomi

The Jharkhand Land Record system also known as Jhar Bhoomi provided online Khata, Khasra, Mutation, Register 2, Khatyani and map details to check the record. Department of Revenue and Land Reforms looks after Jharkhand Land Record system, where National Informatics Center renders full technical assistance. As a major development, the complete details of land records are now available online now. The general public could now easily access all the relevant details of lands online. The records provide” Khasra” and “khata” details for the viewing of general public. Although not implemented fully, records are now available for six districts and rest 18 districts would get included soon. The public could view the details of registration of each and every land just at the click of the button of computer mouse. With this, complete transparency would get maintained about the Jharkhand Land record system.

Jhar Bhoomi Record

Why Land Records are necessary?

Land records are necessary to know whether the land is registered and name of the registered owner of the plot. The system of registration of land in a person’s name has subsisted in India for a long period. It was the main source of revenue generation for the Indian rulers and subsequently the British people. Although the present system of maintenance of land record began during the time of Mughals, the British people did not bring much alteration in it. Although this remained the system, lack of proper standard for maintenance of records of land often resulted in the disputes of property and corruption. As the language in the land record is very complex, it is very difficult for the common man to understand the meaning of it. This has become the cause of corruption in India. With the introduction of online land record system, the system would become transparent.

Register-2 record

First of visit the and on the home page it, viewing register-II is possible, when you click on the “register-II” in the drop-down list on the left-side, it would take you to the concerned page. When the page comes in to view, you could see the district map and as you click on your district, it would flash the names of all the areas in the district. As you click on your area, it would take you to the page, where you would input all the relevant details in a web form and then click on “search” below it.  This would get you all the relevant records.

Reasons for seeking Land records

Land records consist of various details, such as Khasra, Khata, and Register-II record.  This would show all the necessary details like;

  • Mutation status
  • Raise in farm credit or loan from the bank
  • For opening of bank account
  • For the vetting of title of land during the sale and registration of land
  • For division and inheritance purposes
  • For any personal purpose
  • For the sake of legal purpose
  • Before buying land or plot

How do you check Jharkhand Land record online?

You must have the Khata Number and Plot Number in order to check the land record for all districts comes under Jharkhand state. Lets find how to check the land record step by step below:

Click on Jharkhand Land Record Left hand side menu

  • Click on “aapna khata dekhe”.
  • Then move to select the land, where the land is located.

Select the district from Jharkhand Bhoomi record map

  • Then move to select the “Aanchal” or Tehsil.
  • Then you could make the selection of “type of land (Halka)” from the drop-down list.

Select correct Halka from the land record

  • Then you could move to select your “mouza”. For this, you need to click on the respective Hindi alphabet.
  • Then you would need to search by “khata No” and click on “Khata Khoje”.
  • Then you would need to create the “record of rights”.
  • Then you could save your record and take the print-out.