How to check Postal Life Insurance Policy Status

In the year February 1884, Indian Postal Department began the concept of postal life insurance.  As the British ruled over India, the director general of postal service for India recommended the idea of starting the scheme to her majesty queen as a scheme for the benefits of the employees of the department.  With its more than a century old existence, it has extended the facility of coverage of insurance to the underprivileged sections in the society. Especially it has extended the postal life insurance benefits to the female employees, who were earlier not covered by the insurance providers during the British regime.

Postal Life Insurance of India

Postal Life Insurance Policy Scheme

  1. Increasing Limit – Although in the beginning, the upper-limit of the postal-life insurance coverage was Rs 4000, the government later increased it to Rs 50 lacs.
  2. Endowment & whole-life Insurance – It comes with combined benefits like endowment assurance and whole-life insurance.
  3. Coverage of wider sections in society –  In the year 1884, it started with a few hundred policies but later it grew to overwhelming number. At present it has more than 6.5 million policies. More employees from government departments like defense and para-military services have got place under this scheme.  To know the eligibility for insurance coverage, please log on to the Eligbiligy page and know about all the employees, who could get this benefit of coverage under the Postal department.
  4. Service for extra departmental employees – Postal insurance also has in its control another extra- departmental employees, who are working as temporary employees for the postal department.
  5. Tax benefits – The benefits under the postal life insurance get exemptions under the Section 118(C) under the Income-tax Act.
  6. Applicability for private company employees – Salaried employees from private companies do not have eligibility for coverage under this scheme.
  7. Coverage for both husband and wife – Under this life insurance scheme, coverage could get extended to the spouse, who is not employee in a government department.
  8. Continue after quitting –  The employee could continue getting coverage under the scheme even after quitting the government job.
  9. Special coverage for the rural people – People living in the rural areas are eligible to get coverage under the scheme and for them the strict norms of employ-ability in the government is not a norm.
  10. Flexibility in age-limit – Employees and rural people under the age group of 19-55 could get the benefits of the postal life insurance scheme.

Know the status of Postal Life Insurance Policy Status –  As of now there is no any online instant facility available from where the policy can be checked until you login to the account ou could log in to your account to know the exact status of your policy. However you can send email to below email ID or call to the customer care number of Postal Life Insurance to check the status of the plicy:

Email ID – pli.dte[at]gmail[dot]com

Toll Free Number – 18001805232