Jaipur International Airport

Jaipur airport is the one and the only airport present in the Indian state of Rajasthan which caters to both Indian and international air traffic.  It is situated in the suburbs of Jaipur. The locality is referred to as Sanganer by the local Rajasthan population and is approximately Thirteen kilometers from the centre of Jaipur. It is one of the busiest airports operating in India in terms of the air traffic it caters throughout the year.

Jaipur Airport

Jaipur airport is a very nice airport. Airport authority of India has utilized several intelligent ideas and planning techniques while construction of the premises and this tactful act has proved helpful in evading a lot of problems. The building is constructed in such a way that it can cater to more than a Thousand passengers an hour. The runways are sufficiently large and wide so that large airplanes like Boeing 747 can land and takeoff easily. The entrance is beautifully decorated with sandstones and traditional Rajasthan painting along with the fact that it had been constructed using local Rajasthan masonry and architecture techniques which gives visitors a feel of the local traditions while they enter or leave the airport premises.

Jaipur airport management makes sure that they employ competent staff to cater the needs of their passengers. They make them go through rigorous training procedure before they get the job.

Email: [email protected]

If you encounter any problem, you can always call them at their customer care number.

Contact Number: 91-141-2550623

If you are not satisfied by the replies of Jaipur Airport’s customer care executives, you can mail them your complaint and they will take requisite measures to address it.

If all the above fails to answer your complaint, you can always give them a visit at Jaipur Airport head office.

Airports Authority of India
Place: Civil Airport, Sangane
City: Jaipur
Pin Code: 302001
State: Rajasthan