James Neal Salary, Net Worth – Nashville Predators team

Its confirmed that James Neal singed a contract salary of $5 million per year that will last to 6 years. Whereas his current net worth is $8 million as estimated in 2016.  Born September 3, James Neal grew up playing ice hockey in Ontario, Canada. This 27 year old has four siblings, three brothers and one sister. All three of his brothers are professional hockey players. Neal went to the All Saints Catholic Secondary School in Ontario.

James Neal

This 6.2 feet tall player started his career with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association. His father was his mentor and coach during the minor years and trained in every respect moving from one hockey association to the other. He started playing for the junior team as an entry draft for the Dallas Stars. He was re-signed by the team for portraying immense potential and proved himself right.

Contract Salary History

During 2007-2008, Neal started playing ice hockey professionally and represented the Iowa Stars for the American Hockey League. He made his first National Hockey League goal in October, 2008 against Columbus Blue Jackets. His fight with Brassard in the same season proved him to be a positive turn of events. He completed the season with a very positive response as a winger.

In 2009-10, Neal was signed by the Stars in a two year contract with $2.25 million and $3 million for the first and second years consecutively. He joined the Penguins in 2011 and in 2012, he signed an extension contract for six years for a sum of about $5 million annually. In 2014, Neal joined the Predators and has been playing for the team since then and is currently the alternate captain. His best year was during 2015-16 which shot him to the limelight. His current salary is estimated to be $5 million.

Neal is famous and popular for his powerful hits and proved himself worthy in Canadian National Junior summer camp. He played for team Canada in Sweden and was awarded with a gold cup. In 2009 he played internationally and brought a silver cup for the team in the World Championship. Again he played for the team in 2011 in Slovakia.

Neal is currently dating his long time love Melanie Collins who is by profession a sports caster. Neal also made his TV appearance in NHL 36, a popular reality show.