Mike Green Net Worth and Salary History

Playing from Detroit Red Wings, currently Mike Green net worth has been reported to reach $4 million. Check out his contract salary history till 2016. Michael David Green widely known as Green was born and brought up in Canada. This 31 year old October born Ice Hockey player stands 6.1 feet tall and is currently associated with the Canadian team.

Mike Green

Green started playing in the minor hockey team with NASA Hockey Association. He later played for a span of five seasons in the major hockey team – the Western Hockey League. Green is widely famous for his robust slap shots and is an expert in defense. His career rose to its peak between the years 2007-2010. He was also nick named as Game Over Green for his last minute winning stokes.

In 2008, Green played his debut in the World Championship for the Canadian team. In this game the team stood second losing to Russia. He also played for the national team in 2009 and 2010. In 2006 he made his first goal while in association with the Washington Capitals. Well know for his power-packed hits, Green once nearly ruptured his opponent’s testicles who was admitted in the hospital. He is currently associated with the Detroit Red Wings and is estimated to draw a salary of $6 million.

Green along with his robust athletic side has also displayed philanthropic aspects. He actively takes part in motivational talks for school children and raises fun for under privileged children. Along with TV host Elliot Segal, Green runs a charity organisation called the So Kids Can. He also played to raise funds for building playgrounds.

Green is currently married to Courtney Parrie since 2014. The weeding was held in a southern style setting, away from the din of the city and the limelight. The wedding was amongst friends and family held outdoors with white being the predominant color and their vintage car turned into a mobile cocktail station.