Punjab National Bank Online Complaint Number, Status

As a bank with dedication and commitment towards customers’ convenience, Punjab national Bank (PNB) has maintained complete integrity towards its every customer. It has defined procedure and norms for taking customers’ grievances. While describing its spirit to look after the convenience of customers, it states-“we welcome your complaints against our customer service and truly believe that we have the ability to convert it into a compliment”.

Register your complaint in PNB Bank online

It keeps all its managers in the concerned branches informed about the complaints coming from the valued customers and asks them to redress those within minimum time-frame.

The process of making complaints to Punjab National Bank

How to avail complaint form?   The complaint form is available with the branch manager in every branch. The complainant could fill it up and submit with the branch manager and get a acknowledgment against the same. This would help in the prompt redressal of the compliant.

Avail the privilege of making online complaint –  The complainant could take the opportunity of making online complaint. The benefit with this is he or she could seek the status of pending complaint online.

Fill up the PNB complaint form online The customers need to fill up the online application form with the following personal information;

  1. Customer type– The customer would fill up the information that whether he or she is a “PNB” customer or “non-PNB” customer.
  2. Type of complaint – He or she would make it clear that whether it is a complaint or service request.
  3. Account number – The customer would mention the account number clearly.
  4. Cell number – For getting contacted, the customer would mention his or her mobile telephone number.
  5. Name – The customer would write the name as mentioned in the bank account number.
  6. Email ID – The customer would mention his or her email ID.
  7. Pin code – He/she would mention pin-code correctly.
  8. Category – He/she would mention the category of the complaint.
  9. Type – He/she would also make it clear that what type of complaint is this?
  10. Sub-Type– He/she would mention the ‘sub-type’ of the complaint.
  11. Remark – The customer would complete filing the complaint by writing a short description about the complaint in the “remark” column.
  12. Captcha code – Finally, he/she would enter the ‘captcha’ code as it is visible there and click on ‘submit’ button in the end.

Online complaint booking form from PNB

You can submit the complaint form using this URL on official website.

Check the status of your PNB  complaint?-  To check the status of the complaint or service request, he/she could track the status of the PNB complaint by entering the “CRM service number” in the web-page and clicking on the ‘submit’ button below.

Check PNB Complaint status online

If you already submitted your complaint online then you can it status using this link at one click.