Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Helpline Number and Address

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has always stayed the torch- bearer of Indian ideology.  It has provided valuable leadership to the nation and taken it in the track of growth and prosperity. For this, India ranks today as a major economic power in the world. As a party, BJP intends to bring major changes in the lives of common people, enabling them to get radical development in every area of life.


As a visionary and knowledgeable Prime Minister, Shri  Narendra Modi, has always stressed upon- “minimum government and maximum governance”.  It intends to make the systems in bureaucracy free from “red tape” and corruption. Intending to provide leadership above caste, creed, and religion, it is all set to create history in development and good governance.

BJP Helpline Service

As a party, which is most liberal with accepting masses in its party cadres, it welcomes anyone wishing to join its party’s rank as a worker. It is open-minded with people offering suggestions for improvement. It accepts the help of people in the shape of donation to bring improvement in the party. As it has consistently striven to bring changes, the teeming millions in India have felt that the effects of changes are far-reaching and pragmatic.

Contact Number: 011-2300-5700

BJP Helpline number

In its website, BJP maintains its webpage, which is complete with all information about helpline numbers. To add to it, it also provides numbers of fax and SMS services, which people could use effectively for communication. Besides this, it also updates its official addresses of every state head quarter.

Email Address: [email protected]